Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Road That Leads Home

So I've been thinking about what to do with myself this last year and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out my passion(s) in life.  We are all suppose to have them - right?  I have found that most of my passions have come and gone as different stages of my life have come and gone.  I watched a video recently about what one should do with one's life.....  We are suppose to do what we love - without regard to money, income, promotions and prestige.  Just do what we love!  When am I most happy, peaceful and content?.....when I am painting.   I have been painting and repainting rooms for a very long time.  If I don't like the color - I change it.  If it's the wrong shade for the room - I change it.  There is no greater satisfaction than painting a room and standing back and thinking how beautiful the room is and saying "yes, this is perfect".  And, I love being able to look at what you created with the flick of your wrist.     You can change your mind and create a whole different feeling in your home with a quart of paint.  Lately my obsession has been with painting furniture.  I love taking an old piece and giving it a makeover.  Recreating something old,  and turning it into something new!  I love to watch a piece evolve or look at a piece and think of all the possibilities.  The pieces can be mine or they can be yours.  Let me show you how easy this is and you too can create new possibilities and changes with the old furniture in your life.  Why buy new, when you can make new with what you have?  Give your furniture a second chance.  I am a huge supporter of second chances....and think this extends beyond furniture.  :)

So this leads me to reminiscing about home and things that use to be in one room or another.  It leads me back to my home on Locksley Lane.  A home filled with love and laughter.  A home that laid the foundation for all of the possibilities that I have today.   

Join me as I take you along this wonderful road and show you how to recreate and bring new possibilities into your life.  You too can stand back and say "yes!"

Be on the lookout for furniture makeovers,  tutorials and fun things that make a house - a home.  

I'm new at my blog will be getting additions along the way too.  All comments are welcome!  I hope to hear from you.