Monday, January 20, 2014

Fill Your Life With Lavender

Lavender is one of the most recognized scents in the world.  Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also has many distinctive qualities and ways that it can be used.  It is a fragrant, aromatic herb that is used in candles, lotions, baking and healing.  It is most widely used to help with insomnia, nervousness and anxiety.  It has a tremendous calming effect.  Let me repeat has a tremendous calming effect.

In my yearning for more kindness this year, I am finding more and more examples of the lack of kindness around us.  Is it the virtual world?  iPhones, emails, instagram, texting....  What is going on around here? I am trying to be content and peaceful and exude kindness from myself but I keep getting side tracked with this "ugly character" that keeps showing up.  He won't go away. He is rude, foul mouthed and lacks etiquette.   More lavender please.

Have you been to a sporting event lately?  I have kids and they each played sports. Never, in all my soccer mom craziness did I ever yell at another player or make fun of a player or write a nasty email telling the coach what a horrible job he was doing.  I was the good mom that cheered for the team and encouraged my children along the way.  It was called good sportsmanship and we were taught this from an early age. Occasionally, one of the kids would act up but a parent?   More lavender please.

My oldest daughter and I went to watch my son play basketball the other day.  The women behind us  were so awful with their language, that we almost had to move.  They were yelling at players, the referees and making fun of other players. They were moms! When did this behavior become acceptable?  Did you watch the NFC football championship last night?  If not, let me tell you that you missed a spectacular display of "I am the man" conduct as one player motioned to another player with the "choking" sign and then verbally attacked a different player with "I'm the best and you are sorry" words with the sportscaster after the game.  How did we get here?  More Lavender please.

"Winning" has become a predominant focus today.  Sadly, life has become all about winning in so many ways.  Not only on the sports field, but in college admissions, salaries, homes and things. Everything has become a competition and being the best or having the best is what everyone seems to be reaching for these days.  What a lot of people miss or forget, is that there is more to life than just winning.  Life is about reaching and trying and who you become in the effort.  It's about the climb and the journey and what we learn along the way.  We don't teach this very much today and certainly not in athletics.  I definitely need more lavender please.

To the man who feels "embarrassed" that his team isn't winning and emailed his feelings to the coach the other night.. let me say thank you for your insight. You are clearly unaware of the daily efforts and agonizing attempts - for your team to get where you want them to be. Trust me, their lack of winning is not intentional nor meant to cause you embarrassment. With the electronic era, it is difficult for some of us not to express our personal opinions - immediately.  We are learning to hit "send" without much thought.  Why not reach out and criticize someone.  It's that easy. More lavender please.  

I would love to see Provence, and it's rolling hills of lavender.  I can imagine the scent lulling me into a serene and peaceful way of life.  Until then, I will light my own lavender vanilla yankee candle, take deep breaths and remember that life is about the journey.  I will also put a little more lavender in my life.  Fill your life with lavender.

Thanks for listening today.