Thursday, March 13, 2014

Growing Hydrangeas

With the start of spring,  I start thinking of what is growing outside, what needs attention and what needs to be planted.  My favorite plants of all are the hyndrangeas.  I found these beautiful starters at Harris Teeter!  I love my grocery store....they literally have everything.

We are fortunate to have beautiful large hydrangea bushes here in SC.  In our yard, we have big blue and pink bushes and the best part of all, is that I don't do anything to them. Hydrangeas are very easy to grow and do well in areas that have both sun and shade.  Any of your outdoor stores can help you support the type of hydrangeas you buy and what you need for your soil. You can also change the color of some hydrangeas. If you want blue ones your soil needs to have aluminum sulfate in it.  
 If you want pink ones, your soil needs to have dolomitic lime in it.  
White hydrangeas do not change colors. 
There are so many different varieties.  Look at these beautiful purple hydrangeas.
And the Double Delights....
If you want to grow hydrangeas, you should do a little research and see what kind is best for your climate.   Now is the right time to purchase and plant them so you can have beautiful blooms this summer.  The pictures above came randomly from pinterest.

I hope you have a great Thursday.  

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