Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Feature......Sculpture Planters

Sculpture planters are so pretty.  They remind me of my grandparents garden in their backyard in Brooklyn, NY.  Even in a big borough of NYC my grandparents had a cute little garden out back.  It was a very small garden with a wrought iron fence around it.  Kind of like the one below.  It had a little fountain, different flowers and succulents and fig trees.  Maybe that little garden reminded my grandpa of his home back in Italy. I'm not sure, but I remember it as sweet and different.  
The swan planter below reminds me of that little place outside my grandpa's back door.  Maybe it's the statue and the whimsy that goes with it...I'm not sure.  I am also taken back to that little garden whenever I see figs.  :)
You can get this one on sale at One Kings Lane...
I'm not paid to promote this at all....I just love birds and think this planter is beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend!