Thursday, June 5, 2014

Layering Paint

One of the very cool things about chalk paint is the ability to layer, wash and sand paints together to create a completely different and unique finish.  You can paint a solid color, wet a rag with another color and wipe it on and off.  You can add and take off as much as you want depending on the finish you are looking for.  Use clear wax, dark wax or both to change the look and feel of your paint.
This was a carving at the bottom of a chair I as doing.  I started with Provence and then added some French Linen and Old White.  While putting on the Old White, I took a wet rag and wiped off some of it so the other colors would peek through.  Then I distressed the piece with sandpaper.
This is the same piece above but with clear and dark wax.  See how the dark wax transforms the paint?
This piece started out in Duck Egg.  I  took a wet rag and dipped it into Old White and wiped the piece down going back and forth.  Using a wet rag with paint is a great way to add a "washed" finish to your piece.  I sanded both pieces entirely to meld the two colors together, distressed and added clear wax to finish.

This piece above has a combination of Country Grey and Old White.  I kept the legs and base a solid color but painted the top coat with Old White and then put on a layer of Country Grey. I sanded the top down in places so the Old White would come through.  I did not take it down to the wood. Then I finished with clear wax.
The ability to mix and layer is endless.  I love playing around with paints and coming up with different finishes.  Take a piece and play around with it.  See what you can come up with.  

Happy Thursday.  Thanks for stopping by!