Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Feature........

Looks good right?  Well my Friday feature for today is this little veggie shredder.  You can make spaghetti like noodles with your squash or zucchini and it is super easy to use.  I tried one of the big spiral things and it was too cumbersome and a pain to clean.  This is a piece of cake and does just as good a job.
 You just cut off the end of a zucchini, stick it in this little shredder and turn.  :)
I put a little olive oil in the pan, chop up a sweet onion and add a little garlic.  Shred up some zucchini and you are good to go.  YUMM!  

I got this "Veggita" at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Go get one and stir up some carb-less pasta! 

Have a healthy and happy weekend.