Monday, July 21, 2014

Going From White to Bright

As I've gotten older, my color palette has definitely moved from bold to neutrals. Neutral rooms are peaceful and calming and easy to add pops of color to when you want a change.  But sometimes I miss the rooms of bold.  I miss a room that really makes a statement.  You can easily transform a room today that makes a statement and there are plenty of websites readily available to help you.  So I played around this weekend and came up with my version of how easy it is to take a room from white to bright.  It's also a room idea that I have brewing in m mind. :)
There is a fun online company called Chairish, that allows you to buy and sell high end, pre-loved decor through the web.  The shop features curator approved treasures from homes all over the US.  What was once a treasured piece in a home, may not fit in the next home. Chairish creates an avenue to sell that fabulous piece to someone who can appreciate its uniqueness and value.

I took a pair of white Napoleon III chairs from Chairish and created my new imaginary living room.   I imagined black walls and beautiful white drapes.  I found a vintage lucite coffee table, bench and french gilded mirror from this website and found a bold geometric rug, pillows and other accents from Pinterest. The antlers are from RH and I just love them. :)   There are a whole bunch of different accent chairs that you can find on Chairish.  If you are looking for a fabulous chair, I'm sure they have one that will fit your style.

What would your room look like if you could go from white to bright?  I used to make my collage above.  Go ahead and make your own collage.  It's a great way to put ideas together.

Hope you are having a great start to your week.