Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Feature.....Isabelle

Friday Feature posts are really for my very favorite new things.  But today, I am featuring my very favorite home friend....Isabelle.  I mean, look at that sweet little face all sleepy on her pillow.
What is it about our pets that make us go all mush at just the sight of them?  We talk to them in strange little voices, we pretend they understand what we are talking about and we ask them questions throughout the day expecting them to respond.  Oh I forgot, they do respond and we repeat it back to them, over and over, just to be sure.

I really didn't want a dog.  I love them, but knew it would be one more thing on my long list of things that I would have to take care of.  They all promised to walk her and feed her and brush her and take care of her. We all know how long that lasted right?

I wake up every day to the sun shining off all of her hairs on the floor reminding me that I forgot to vacuum yesterday.  Vacuuming is pretty much a daily occurrence in our home, or should be.  And then there are the scratch marks on the wooden floors and the slobber she leaves from her jowls on both the floor and the walls.  She's like that dog in the movie "hootch" where she sits and salivates from her cheeks to the floor when you are eating.  And then she violently shakes her head and it all flies every which way across the room.  She sheds constantly.  Especially in the Charleston, SC summers.  She passes wind regularly and snores mightily throughout the night.  I can't tell you how many times I've jolted out of bed and gone looking for this loud noise only to realize it's Isabelle snoring.  She has swallowed a mini-nerf football (yep, that had to be cut out), at an entire box of salt water taffy (wrappers and all - which was a great little trip to the emergency room), an entire T-bone steak (bone in), a looooong soccer sock (imagine the kids on the field when they saw that come out a few days later) and 20 starfish that I found on the beach one day (all 20 in one quick snack).  If you walk through our yard, you are sure to find a variety of VS underwear in nice little piles of you know what..... At 5 for $25, that gets expensive.    

Isabelle isn't like most dogs where she wants lots of attention and she doesn't want you to pet her all the time.  She wants to greet you hello and then just wants to be in the same room with you; either at your feet or beside your chair.  The only time she truly wants to be with you is when there is a thunderstorm outside.  Then, all 75 lbs of her wants to be in your lap. When we have to board her, it's like leaving a child behind.  Will they take care of her during a storm? Will they feed her on time? Will they play with her during the day and give her her binky at night?  Binky is a fleece soccer ball she uses as a pacifier to put herself to sleep.  (I know....crazy right?)

But for some reason, that little hind waggle (she doesn't have much of a tail) when she sees you coming and the little hop she does when she is excited you are home and the way she greets you as you walk in the door, that makes all those things I mentioned above pale in comparison to the joy she brings to us every day.  It's the sweet comfort and security she provides just by knowing she is there.  With her, you are not alone. It's the unconditional love that a dog gives back that you just can't put a price tag on.

Isabelle isn't just a dog or a pet.....she is truly one of the family.  I love all sweet sloppy 75 lbs of her, wrinkles and all. She is my buddy, my pal, and my forever furry friend.  

I can't believe that summer is almost over.  School here starts in little over a week.  I'm going to take some time off and be with the family.

Have a great rest of the summer and I'll see you in a week or so.

Happy Creating!