Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Grilled Caesar Salad - With A Twist

Summer is not over....yet.  So put your romaine on your grill and bring a new twist to dinner. 
Yes,......grill up your salad!  This is an awesome compliment to any summer dish.  Its easy and will bring smiles to all of those at the dinner table.  

Take 3 large romaine stalks and put them in a 9x13 baking dish. (this is where the salad starts and also where it ends up).  Keep the stalk bottoms on.  Sprinkle oil over the leaves and generously salt and pepper.  You don't want the stalks to be dry...they need to have oil on them. Don't worry, most of the oil drips off when you grill it.

Place the stalks right onto the hot grill and toss frequently with fork tongs so the edges begin to wilt and warm.  The leaves may brown or char a bit and that is ok!  Put the grilled stalks back in your pan.  Cut off the stalk bottoms and chop.  Add your caesar dressing, toss and you are done.  We added tomatoes and bacon above for a little twist. 

Watch the faces light up as they taste a warm salad with a grilled flavor!  YUM.

Happy Wednesday!