Monday, August 18, 2014

Union Jack

Have you noticed our obsession with the the British flag?  The Union Flag or Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom.  So what is all the "ta doo" about it over here?  I found these pictures on Pinterest and want to share what I'm talking about with you.
The Union Jack shows up on all kinds of furniture and home decor.  The one above comes from Miss Mustard Seed.  A little bit of history.... it is called the Union flag because it combines the crosses of three countries united under one Sovereign; the kingdoms of England and Wales, Scotland and since 1921, Northern Ireland.  Hence the flag consists of three heraldic crosses.

The cross of St. George, patron saint of England since 1270, is a red cross on a white background. After James I succeeded to the throne, it was combined with the cross of St. Andrew in 1606.  The cross Saltire of St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland, is a diagonal white cross on a blue background.  The cross Saltire of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, is a diagonal red cross on a white background.  
Got that down?  

The term "Union Jack" is kind of unknown in origin.  It may come from the "jack-et" of the EnglishScottish soldiers or from the name of James I who originated the first union in 1603.  Another alternative is that the name may be derived from a proclamation by Charles II that the Union Flag should be flown only by ships of the Royal Navy as a jack, a small flag at the bowsprit.  The term "jack" once meant small.  
Regardless, I think the Union Jack is pretty cool.  I might have to try creating this.  How about you?

Happy to be back.  Have a great Monday.