Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner

One of my readers from Australia asked me what I served for Thanksgiving....aside from the turkey. :)  With Pinterest, the internet and the checkout line at the grocery store, it is easy to find new and yummy things to serve at holiday time.  Since I don't have pictures of last years dinner, I turned to Pinterest to show you what's on my table.

I serve a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  I've learned that when I try to get creative....the
"holiday wolves" get upset and just want the good ole fashion regular items. So, I keep it simple, traditional, homemade and everyone is happy.

Turkey.  There always seems to be a lot of fuss over the bird.  Not in my house.  It is what it is...a turkey.  It's not a wonderful delicious piece of meat or else we'd be eating it more than twice a year :)  But it feeds a lot of people and makes the house smell amazing.  I have learned to pay for the extra money and buy a fresh turkey.  The meat is much more tender and flavorful.  I clean it out, slather some butter, salt and pepper over it, tent it with some foil for a couple of hours and then brown it and pop it out.  No complaints over here.
Homemade stuffing.  Nothing like it.  I boil the inner things (let's not focus too much on them) with the turkey neck, celery, onion and water the night before. I pour this over bread cubes right before I'm ready to stuff.  I stuff what I can into the bird and always make another pan for extras.
Cranberry sauce.  I'm going to try fresh cranberries this year.  A recipe might be coming your way...

Fresh mashed potatoes.  I use regular russet potatoes with butter, salt, half and half and whip'em up. I've tried the gold potatoes and no one seems to like em.
Sweet potatoes.  We have a dual that goes on every year here. We have a favorite from our Aunt Julie that uses marsh mellows, cranberries and oatmeal and we have one that is a more traditional sweet potato casserole. Not sure which direction we are headed this year.  I might have to make both.
Green beans.  I like mine with mushrooms but hubby and the kids like bacon.  You can guess who wins.
Pie.   I make a sweet potato pie and a pumpkin apple pie. 

And, fresh whipped cream.  I don't get the cool whip thing....other than it's easy.  There isn't anything better than fresh whipped cream.  Put it in your after dinner coffee too!

Don't make it complicated.  The best dinners are with homemade ingredients and family at the table.

Happy Tuesday.