Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Importance Of Being Still

I was out running around yesterday and have to say that I am a bit overwhelmed with all of the holiday items and decorations.  I know it's that time of year, but it seems like the stores are screaming holiday time...look at me!  Holidays can be stressful.  Presents, decorations, food, can be a lot. Not to mention everything else that is going on in our lives. If you don't eat right and you are jacked up on caffeine then the anxiety and stress only multiplies.

So how do we keep balance in our lives at such a crazy time?  The best way to find balance and keep everything in perspective is to take 5-10 minutes everyday and quiet the mind and be still. I know you are thinking great in practice but it will never happen.  It will if you take the time to do it.  Break your old habits and introduce a new one.  See what happens.

There are wonderful teas on the market that can help promote a sense of "calm" over you and help with anxiety and stress.  The act of making tea will help introduce a special "time out" for you and encourage you to get into a quiet daily practice.  Shut down your thoughts...which are not always positive. Give yourself time to turn off and just focus on your breath. The benefits of being still - even for 5 minutes will allow you to:

  • become more calm and patient with others
  • handle situations more focused and less reactionary
  • think more clearly
  • redirect your efforts to what is really important
  • lower your blood pressure
  • feel better 

I like to take 5 minutes right in the middle of the afternoon.  It helps you focus on the rest of the day and not be so frantic to get everything done before you get home or before the kids get off the bus.  Just try it.  Get out of your head, close your eyes, quiet your thoughts and be still.  I like Yogi teas and I like their message below.
About Yogi Tea / Serving Your Spirit:
The story of tea has a wonderful mythology thousands of years old, and it is deeply entwined with the ancient traditions and spiritual practices of the East.  Along the banks of the sacred rivers of India, yogis created mysterious herbal recipes with exquisite flavors.  This knowledge of yoga and herbs is brought to life through the formulation of Yogi Tea; carefully blended to uplift, body and soul.  The exotic spices and herbs gathered from all over the world create memorable aromas and tastes that are truly a bridge between past and present. Our teas are made with certified organic ingredients, without genetic modification.

Go get some tea and take 5.  Try it.  It will make such a difference in your life.