Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 Best Hostess and Small Gifts Of The Season

Don't stress over the hostess, teacher, friend and holiday gift exchanges.  There are great small gifts you can buy that are sweet and useful and will really be appreciated.  Don't grab the candy at the end of the isle of BBB.... if you aren't going to eat it, neither will your hostess. :)  Look at the gift and think "would I like this"?  If the answer is "no"....keep looking.

Here are items that I think are great gifts to give:

Monogrammed mugs.  Get a good mug from Anthropology or Williams and Sonoma.  Throw in a box of tea or coffee and you are all set.  I have one of these and reach for it every morning. :)
Honey.  This is a great gift as honey has all kinds of healthy uses today and comes in cute little packages.
Soaps.  There are all kinds of cool organic soaps out there.  This set here comes from a neat website called Cool Material.  I'm only giving them a plug because I think this is an awesome gift for men. :)  You can find other organic soaps that make great gifts for women too.
Books.  I'm a huge lover of books.  They have books for everything these days.  This one is a coloring book for adults!  Did you know that coloring is a huge stress reducer?  Grab this and a cute little pack of crayons and your gift will be remembered as one of the neatest of the season.
Candles. I love candles but scents are funny with people because we all don't have the same agreement on what smells good.  If you are going to give a candle, even a small votive, get a good one.  Keep to simple smells; vanilla, cinnamon and holiday scents.  This one above is one of my favorites.
Ornaments.  I love ornaments...if they have a special meaning.  If you know someone loves a certain "thing" and you can find it in an ornament...then yes.  Make sure the ornament has meaning and you are good to go.

You can find small gifts that don't cost a lot of money and have meaning behind the gesture.  Just give it a little thought.

Happy Holidays!