Monday, January 12, 2015

Gold Leaf Art - Creative Painting

Outside of painting furniture and breathing life into things that already exist, I've never been one to actually create or paint from a blank canvas.  My mom recently handed me down this beautiful pink and gold vase while home for the holidays. Isn't she just beautiful?  With her feminine pink curves and gold accents I decided to get creative and try my hand at a little gold leaf art.

I used a structured gel that works with acrylic paints, some gold leafing and blank canvas mats from Hobby Lobby.  The structured gel I used had a sand base, which I wouldn't recommend.  Next time I'll get one with a smoother texture to it.  But and learn.
You can see the sand in the gel on the right and the acrylic on the left.  You just mix the two and the texture creates a nice effect that isn't flat on your canvas. 
I started by added some glue and adhering the gold leaf in scattered places.  Then I just started to add colors and paint.  Kind of like art class but without a teacher looking over your shoulder.  :)
You can see the sand peeking through the paint.  
I'm not quite sure where this will go but wanted you to see how easy this is to do.  You might have a little space that needs certain colors and just can find what you are looking for.  Go create something just for yourself and have a little fun with it.  

It's raining here in SC and expected to rain for the next several days.  I think I might have a project or two to finish up. :)

Have a great week.