Monday, April 13, 2015

Painting Clay Fruit

A friend of mine brought me this bowl of fruit to paint. 
This is a very heavy fruit set made out of clay.  And... as I've been can pretty much paint anything today, you just have to find the right products that will allow the paint to adhere.  
Find a paint that will adhere to metal and glass surfaces.  You can find this at most craft stores.  Sometimes you can use a simple primer to get started.  Let the paint dry and test it out before you get too far into your project.
  Using a swatch to match colors I began to paint and create a bowl and fruit that would compliment cushions and colors in her house.  I used acrylics to add depth.

You might might pass by this bowl of fruit if you see it in a store, but now you know, you can change anything with a little bit of paint.  This set turned out to be just beautiful!