Monday, July 13, 2015

Alice in Wonderland Chest - Completed

I've been working on this sweet little Alice in Wonderland chest for awhile now and she is finally complete.  If you want to see how she started out, you can see this on a previous post here.

I started this off with checks on the front and all along the top portion of the chest.
Then, using the same colors in the checks, I brought in some stripes.  Don't worry about being too perfect, that's what brings character to the piece.
I also added small checks on the bottom so there is a coordinating pattern with the top. Gold leaf was added to the legs and small sections on the sides.  If you want to learn how to gold leaf, you can look at my post Gold Leafing.  It's a great accent that looks beautiful on furniture.  :)
Then I added a classic check pattern on top and pulled in the colors from the piece throughout.  
Here is how she looks finished.  Well, minus the knobs that will go on the drawers.  Those are coming...
This is a great little accent piece that will create a lot of charm in a room.  It shows you that you don't have to paint a chest all one color.  Create patterns as you go.  It's so much fun!

Have a great week!