Thursday, April 23, 2015

Patience When Painting

People often ask me where I do my painting.  I have to laugh because I paint wherever I can find room.   Sometimes it's on a drop cloth in the living room or bathroom and sometimes it's the kitchen table.  Not ideal, but I make do. We have a large garage. But in South Carolina, pieces are subject to serious humidity which is not good for painting or finishing furniture.  I have learned that on good days (low humidity) if I want to use the garage, I need to "git err done" quickly!   Enter Isabelle...
Isabelle loves to be around me when I paint.  Especially when I'm outside. I didn't think much about all the basketballs beside me until I pried two of these out of her mouth.
Then I chased her around the corner of the house with another ball in her mouth only to see these....
She would take every one of those balls out of the garage and pop them if I let her.  So inside she went...and back to work I went.  :)

Some days I need a little more patience than others.