Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Old Music Cabinet Meets Mackenzie Childs

So my friend had this awesome old music chest.  And it was as cute as can be, but no one in her family wanted it.  It was brown and just kind of melted into the background when placed in a room.  
With a piece like this, there are all kinds of choices you can make.  But if you really want a "wow" piece, you do something fun with it.  In this case we decided to "check and stripe it up".   Starting with some muted checks on the side...(sprawled out on the floor...that's how i work) I begin to work on its transformation. 
And more checks...
And then I try to work in colors that match my friends room and add the little details that make the piece pop. This piece took a lot of work, but really turned out fun and very funky.  But it totally works!

My friend finished this piece with some real MC knobs.  Here is the old music chest in all her checkered glory.    

I'm so lucky to have friends that trust me with their furniture and allow me to creatively transform their pieces.  

Hope you are having a great week!