Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nana Lucy - Corner Hutch Makeover

My husband's Nana Lucy gave us this corner hutch a looong time ago.  Somehow, it has worked and blended in our family background without much thought.  Hubbie was adamant, that Nana Lucy (as I call the hutch) was staying put in all her mahogany/cherry stain splendor.  I have wanted to paint her for years...but I was told that this was "off-limits" to my painting creativity.
Take a look at Nana. You all get what I'm talking about, right?  We moved to a new home and the one thing that just didn't fit anywhere in the house was...Nana.  So I begged and pleaded that I be allowed to do something with her or - she was going to have to go in our bedroom.  (haha)

So first things first.  Off with the scrolled piece up top and off with the decorative detail on the glass.
I painted the inside an ivory and the outside a duck egg. Still a bit plane, I added some cool rubber adhesives that look like wood.
These cool little rubber adhesives, break up the piece and add texture.  The side pieces are wood molding that I cut and glued to the piece. 
Then I distressed her and added both clear and dark wax.  The dark wax, really darkened the color, which is what I wanted.  
With some McKenzie knobs, Nana has turned into my wine bar (please don't judge :). And now, I enjoy seeing her every day.  
What good is an heirloom if you can't enjoy it?
I know Nana Lucy would just love this!  I've got MC knobs ordered for the bottom too.  Then she will be complete!

Do you have an old piece of furniture that you really don't enjoy?  Paint it, strip it, change it - so you love it!

Have a great week