Thursday, April 2, 2015

Small Side Table

If you look around your house, you might have a small little wood side table or end table just like this.  It may have sat in your grandma's kitchen or in the foyer of her home. You may have had one like this in your first house or your apartment.  And, you are probably thinking...I can't use this anymore and don't have a place for it.  Well, you may not....until you give it a little personality.
This is Annie Sloan's Napoleonic Blue and it is a beautiful rich dark blue that will add warmth to any room.  A friend of mine uses a lot of navy so this is a perfect compliment.
I actually don't use the clear wax on dark colors.  I have learned that I am way too OCD and I don't like the streaking that I see with clear wax on dark colors.  So, I use a satin poly and it's perfect.  This is a little shinier in the picture than in real life.  A satin poly protects and goes on in a jiff!  Much easier than waxing.  Sorry Annie....

Don't put your old pieces at the curb.  Paint them and give them a bit of personality.  You will be so happy you did!