Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Pulls Me To Vintage Things....

As I've gotten older,  I've become more sentimental.  I see pictures that make me stop for a moment and reflect on memories and things from the past.  
I use to wander my grandparents row house in Brooklyn and note all of the furnishings and decorations that were laid out just so.  Old cabinets, antique liqueur glasses, hutches filled with china pieces and giant statement pieces that hovered over a room.  Ornate pictures, perfume bottles, mirrors and chests decorated each room.  Now, I did wonder about the plastic coverings on the lamp shades and couches and plastic runners on the floor that noted where you should walk to get from room to room... I thought this was odd, but later understood that this was the way Italians made sure everything new- stayed new :).   
It was a house to marvel at as a young child visiting.  So many things to look at.  
Old things remind me of that time gone by.  A history of family that has grown and moved on.  
I wish I had kept a few more things from the past. 

For now I'll treasure what I have and maybe find a few more things that remind me of my family and places that we use to visit and call home.

Happy Tuesday.