Monday, November 16, 2015

Big Dresser - Dry Brushing

Last week, I started working on this dresser.  It has been in the family a long time, but it got pretty dinged up over two moves and lived in the garage for over 5 years.  We needed a dresser so it was time for a makeover.  
With two coats of French Linen, the dresser transformed and looked like this.  Kind of plain at the moment, but once it is dry brushed with a softer color, the piece should really soften and have a little more character.    
I decided to paint the hardware.  My husband isn't a fan of painted hardware...but once it's done maybe he will have a different opinion.
Dry brushing is where you take the smallest amount of paint on the end of a dry brush and gently swipe across your piece.  Less is best, as you can layer more as you go.  The edges will grab whatever paint is on your brush and it creates a soft washed look.  If you use too much paint, you won't be happy.  After I dip the tips of my brush in the paint and brush them against the side of the can, I take a rag and wipe the bristles just to be sure.
See how it softens up?  He's not quite done, but I wanted you to see how he was shaping up.  I'm going to wax him today and then add some finishing touches.

Hope you have a great week!


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