Monday, November 30, 2015

Checkered Train - Mackenzie-Child's Like

I've been busy working on wreaths and ornaments and all kinds of holiday decorations the past few weeks.  I want to show you a recent project I finished for a friend of mine that brings me all kinds of things and says...."do whatever you think will look good."  Those are the best kind of projects... :)
I've told you before that you can paint anything you find that doesn't have the colors you want or maybe doesn't have colors at all.  Walk through any home or craft store and use your imagination.  Here is a train she found that she wants to put under one of her trees.  It so happens to be a tree filled with Mackenzie-Child's ornaments.

With a treated metal surface, I think it's always best to either prime the piece, or paint it with chalk paint, which basically acts like a primer.  You have to test out a small area before you paint your entire piece, or you might be sorry if the paint doesn't adhere.
The train got its stripes and checks and the wheels were painted gold.
Then I worked on a cute little cut out and began painting the train with pops of holiday colors.

Such a cute decoration that went from blah and fairly unnoticeable to cute and whimsical.  You really can paint anything you want to.  Find something with good form and paint away!

Happy first week of December!


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