Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Wreaths - Mackenzie-Child's Like

My Mackenzie-Child's Christmas Magazine came in the mail the other day......uh huh...you know where this is going...  I was looking at her Christmas wreaths and they are just beautiful!  But, I can't spend $550 on one of her wreaths and ever expect to come home again.  I can't ever imagine spending that much money on a wreath so I decided to make my own.  Now I've never made a wreath before so I did some studying on wreath making.... :)
Start with a plain wreath.
Then go get some wreath goodies; fruits, ribbons and extra greenery....
I did splurge on Mackenzie-Childs original ribbon.  It's beautiful!  Here's the thing..... The ribbon is expensive.  Making a wreath is kind of like making a cake. The better the ingredients, the better the cake.  I wanted a really nice wreath with nice ingredients.  :)

Start by placing greenery and fruits around the wreath. 

Then start adding your ribbon throughout the wreath.  I hot glued the fruit and used greenery wire for the ribbon.

Then place pine cones and berries where it balances the wreath.  You can keep going with the add ons if you want.  You can add nuts and ornaments, little animals...whatever your wreath fancy.
Didn't she turn out pretty? 

Doesn't she look cozy on her wreath stand?  I'm excited because she turned out so well.

Let me know if you are interested in one.  I'm making a few more.  :)  You can email me at paula.driesell11@gmail.com. 

Have a great day!


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