Monday, January 11, 2016

Graphite Continued

Last week I did a post on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and her color Graphite.  I was surprised to receive so many emails in response to this post.  Here is the original post from last week.

Graphite is not black.  Many of you were disappointed because you thought it looked black but when you started to paint, you realized that it is more on the gray side.  Here is the lid with what I think is a pretty true look at the color.  It will be darker or lighter depending on where you put your piece.
Last week I started to paint a tall dresser.  It use to be a sweet little piece for a girls room, but it was pretty beaten up with a broken drawer on the bottom and a drawer that didn't close very well.  My son needed a dresser in his bedroom so I thought I'd do a quick makeover.
I started out with a quick coat of graphite.
With a pale wood to begin with, the first coat didn't look so great.  But don't the time you do a second coat, all will be well.
Ahh.  Second coat and my son will be happy that the flowers are gone :).  I love the dark color and the transformation.  Now, in this room above, it looks pretty dark.  Almost black.
But in the bedroom, under a light.....the Graphite comes true to it's name.

I did this piece in one afternoon.  Chalk paint is so easy to use.  Remember, you don't have to prime and it dries very quickly.  It's one of the benefits of using it.  :)

Hope you have a great week.