I'm a wife, mom of three and recently retired.  I love taking old things and turning them into something new.  I live in Charleston, SC and can honestly say...I love living in the south. Spending most of my life in Maryland and Virginia, I have been partial to the North for a long time.  Living down south has been an adventure and has brought new life into my family and my home.  I have always loved to paint.  I think I have painted every room in every house and then repainted the rooms again.  I love to restore furniture and now that I'm retired (hehehe) I get to work on all of these things I have wanted to but never had the time.

I love to take old things and breath new life into them.  I love seeing things in my home that remind me of where I grew up or of someone special to me. Decorating and painting can be intimidating.  It can.  But with all of the help and inspiration available today, you just have to spend some time finding what you like and then try it.  I have also found that you don't need to spend a lot of money to make your home look fabulous.  Try new things and then if you don't like it, try something else.

Painting furniture has become my passion.  I love to work on old wood and turn it into something new.  Who knew that finding an old dresser and recreating it into something beautiful could be so much fun? And, I'm really trying to take the time to appreciate what I have.  I have found that the things I love the most are the things that I have had for a long time.

I write about furniture, home decor and even throw a few recipes in here and there.  It's all in fun.  I hope I can inspire you as so many have inspired me.

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**A lot of my pictures are my own but I also use a lot of pictures from Pinterest and the internet.  I try to give credit to the site where the picture originated but that always isn't available.  If I have used your picture without proper credit,  I apologize up front and will correct this immediately if brought to my attention.