Monday, December 9, 2013

12 Best Holiday Hostess Gifts For 2013

Are you going to a holiday party this year and you are not sure what to bring the host/hostess?  Here are 12 fail safe gifts that your host/hostess will love no matter what.

These are gifts that you can find virtually anywhere.  With some pretty tissue paper and ribbon you have a fabulous gift that says "thank you and happy holidays".  Now you do have to give some consideration to your host/hostess but I'm sure that one of these gifts will work for even the most picky person.

1.  The Jewish housewarming gift is traditionally salt for spice, sugar for sweetness and bread for sustenance.  Throw in a small bottle of olive oil and a holiday hand towel and you have the perfect holiday thank you.  
2.  Fresh Rosemary - The Virgin Mary is said to have spread her blue cloak over a white blossomed rosemary bush when she was resting and the flowers turned blue.  The shrub then became known as the 'Rose of Mary'.   Perfect for the Christmas season!
3.  Pick a meaningful wine stopper and bring it with a bottle of wine.
4.  Buy a really neat soap dispenser that can be used in a guest bathroom or kitchen.
5.  For coffee drinkers, buy monogram mugs and a favorite bag of tea or coffee beans.
6.  Everyone loves a good candle. The Frasier Fir is a no brainer.  I'm not usually a fan of candles as gifts because scents are personal.  But this a good one.
7.  Find a special ornament that is meaningful to the hostess or one that will remind them of you.
8.  For those with children,  buy some nice hot chocolate and throw in some marshmallows!
9.  Spiced pecans are always a warm reminder of the holidays.
10.  Keys are making a decorative comeback and these old keys are actually bottle openers. Tie them together with a ribbon.  You can get these at Pier One.
11.  Wine drinkers will appreciate two Riedel wine glasses. (go to bed bath and beyond and use the 20% off coupon)
12.  Chocolate.  If you are going to give chocolate, give Godiva.  It is wonderful chocolate that few people will buy for themselves and it looks pretty.

Hostess gifts are a great way to personalize your visit and to say thank you.  Hopefully these ideas will help make buying your gift less stressful and make your host/hostess happy.

Thanks for reading,