Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Annie Sloan Dark Wax - Grey Dresser

Getting to the dark wax stage of finishing your piece is both exciting and intimidating.  What is the overall look that you are trying to achieve?  Do you want an aged piece that looks like it has a natural worn look?  Do you want a stained piece that looks like it has an antiqued effect?

You can get all of these looks with Annie Sloan dark wax.  As you start this process you will need your dark wax, wax brush, clear wax, clean cloth and very fine 0000 grade steel wool.  You don't have to have the steel wool, but I find this gives a better finish.

I am starting with a piece that was painted with paris grey, distressed and clear waxed.  You can see each process on my tutorials page.

Take a small amount of wax on your brush and lightly brush on the areas that have been distressed.   Immediately after you rub on your dark wax, take a 0000 steel wool pad and wipe (with the grain) the dark wax into your wood.  You essentially are brushing the wax on and then wiping it off.  A small amount of dark wax will remain and age your piece.  Do this on all of your distressed edges, around the corners and on areas that you want to look more worn.  You do not want to cover your piece with dark wax like you did with the clear wax.  This is much more selective;  putting the wax on distressed areas and blending in some of the surfaces.

I do not like to cover my piece with dark wax.  I use it as an accent, covering certain areas lightly.   If you get too much dark wax on your piece, take a clean rag and put a little clear wax on it.  Use this as an eraser to rub into the dark wax and take some of it off.

For a complete tutorial on how to do this, check out my video on dark wax below.

Have fun with the dark wax.  Play around with a piece of old wood and see which way you like it.  If you have any questions, let me know.



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