Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Wreaths

I love holiday wreaths.  Just looking at them makes me happy!

As you drive around today, look around and notice all of the wreaths.  They are everywhere!  How can you not smile when you look at this truck?  Wreaths are more than just decorations and there is a lot of history behind the wreath (not sure why, but I've been in research mode lately...).

The wreath comes from the word "writhen" which means "to writhe or twist".  The art of hanging wreaths originated from the Romans who hung wreaths on their doors as signs of victory.  Romans also wore them as victors in sporting events - much like we do today at the Olympics.  Women wore them as symbols of pride and at weddings.

The wreath has significant meaning for the season.  It's circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end.  From a Christian perspective, it represents an unending circle of life.  The evergreen, most frequently used in making wreathes, symbolizes growth and everlasting life.  Long ago during the cold December darkness in Eastern Europe, people would gather wreaths of evergreen as signs of hope and new light in the coming spring.  Knowing about these reasons....makes me love the wreath even more!

I love the simplicity of hanging them on a mirror.  Aren't these beautiful?

Or over a mantel...

Here are a few more that caught my eye courtesy of Pinterest.

Where do you hang your wreaths?