Thursday, December 5, 2013

Painting Cane

So I was all set to upload my first youtube video and show you how easy it is to paint cane chairs, but since I'm new to blogging, I have not figured this out yet.  So I'm going to show you some pictures and hopefully get the video uploaded soon.

I have had these chairs for a long time.  The cushion use to be a light green velvet....  Remember that era?  So I re-did the cushions but was not crazy about the chair.   I had too many dark woods in this room.

So I decided to paint them.  I used Old White paint and began the transformation process.

Painting Cane is a much slower process than painting regular chairs.  You have to use very light layers of paint so you don't create clumps in all of the cane weaving.

It is so beautiful here in South Carolina today, I thought I'd take some pictures outside.

And of course Isabelle wanted to get into the picture.  (She owns the porch).

And here the chair sits back in her corner.  Do you have any old cane pieces lying around?  If so, go ahead and give them a makeover!  If you have questions before you start, let me know.

I was finally able to upload my video on how to paint cane.  Here you go.....

Have a great day!


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