Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Easiest Sugar Cookies Ever

We bake a lot of cookies at Christmastime.  I use to hide out in Barnes and Noble (way before Pinterest) and scope out all of the new cookie books just to line up which ones I would bake during the holidays (I know...a little cookie-extremism but that's what I did).  I take pride in using real butter, sugar, shortening and chocolate and creating little bakers perfections.

Out of all the cookies I bake, my sons favorite, is the rolled out iced sugar cookie. I have a great butter cookie recipe but you have to make the dough and chill it for a couple of hours before you can bake them.

One year, I was running short on time and thought I'd take a short cut.  I bought Pillsbury sugar dough already made and a can of icing.  Cringing at the thought of packaged dough and icing, I figured my son would take one bite and know that this wasn't the real deal.  Ha!  Not only did he "not" notice, but these turned out to be his very favorite.  I know... don't send me emails telling me that nothing tastes better than a real butter cookie.  I get it....  But he doesn't care. And if you have know that they eat lots and lots of cookies.  :)

Now, you can take the dough right out of the fridge slice, bake and ice and you are ready to go. Or, you can roll out onto wax paper and cut out your cookies to be more festive.  Use a good bit of flour as they will be a bit sticky if you are rolling.  Keep the dough thick and don't bake too long. You want them chewy.

I made three rolls of these on Monday afternoon.  They are already gone.  Go figure.  :)