Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Painted Mackenzie-Child's Like Wall Planter

I keep saying that the options for painting fun and creative things are.....unlimited.   A friend of mine brought me this wall planter that she wants to put on her porch. It came in an ugly tan color and she asked me to check it up.  Painting on metal can be tricky because not all paints will stick.  So typically, I will coat a piece with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint before I apply acrylics.  It really is a great paint and pretty much sticks to anything - even metal.  Here is the planter covered with chalk paint.
I painted the base black and the buckets white (I forgot to take pictures but you can imagine this right?).  Then, I gave it some checks and stripes.
If you take a wet rag and dab it into some colored paint, you can drag it across your paint once it has dried.  This is a great way to bring your own colors into a space.
Since this is going to be outside on a porch, I gave is a spray of polyurethane.  I use a spray whenever I have an outside piece.  It's so much easier than trying to brush it on.  This takes all of 15 seconds so grab a can next time you are at the paint store :)
I can't wait to see this on my friend's porch.  It is going to look so cute!

Have a great week.