Tuesday, May 26, 2015

South Carolina Shrimp Boil and Painting Summer Buckets

I never really thought that a painted bucket would look great on a table.....but look at this beautiful "South Carolina Shrimp Boil" in a painted steel galvanized bucket. Who would have thought that a steel bucket would look so cute and festive?
The week before this party, a friend brought me a few buckets to paint.  The large one was galvanized and the smaller ones were each treated with their own finish.  Slick finishes can be tricky when getting paint to adhere to them.  Galvanized buckets need a special treatment before you start.

Galvanized buckets or tins go through a process that applies a zinc coating to steel or iron to prevent rusting.  Before you paint a galvanized bucket you have to treat the piece.  I started by washing down the steel  with white vinegar and then used a degreasing soap - like Dawn.  Then I used an etching primer, which is great for adhesion and prepped each bucket with one coat.  Spray in a well ventilated area (outside) and allow your piece to dry and defume a bit.  (They stink for awhile)
Here is one of the smaller buckets above that was primed and ready to be painted.
My friend was looking for her buckets to reflect the Mackenzie Child's check in yellows and greens.

You can see the size of the big bucket on my kitchen table. It was huge!

I was a bit unsure when I started but am so happy with how these came out. You can do more with buckets than you think.   And the great thing about them is that they are cheap!  So let your creativity and imagination go wild.  Go paint some cute buckets for fun this summer.  It's super easy!


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