Tuesday, May 5, 2015

You CAN Paint Glass

Many of you have asked if you can paint glass.  Yes you can!  You just have to find the right paints.
 A friend of mine brought me these large glass shells and large pears made of glass.  They were very slick and trust me...normal paint would not adhere.  You have to find a primer for glass or you can use paints that are especially made to adhere to glass.  Let dry and then paint away.
You can see how big these guys were.  She brought over several like this and a few in other shapes and sizes.  
 This is for her cool room of blues and greens and whites.
 My friend is decorating another room in pinks, oranges, purples, greens and yellows.  Beautiful!
She gave me the swatch beside the pear to work with on the yellow.
Each of these glass pieces were sealed with a good clear polyurethane.  Several coats is best.  I will have to do a blog on my friends room.  It might be the prettiest room ever!  

Happy Tuesday!