Monday, August 3, 2015

Painting Wood With A Poly Surface

I had this old tv chest in my garage for 5 years.  My daughter was moving into her first apartment and wanted this painted black. A high glossy enamel black.   I was like problem.  Except, I was moving in a week and didn't have time to strip and sand and do all the other things you need to do to prepare your wood to take new paint.  Now, if she had wanted a chalk paint color, there is no need to strip anything.  But she wanted a true glossy black and Annie Sloan doesn't make this color.

When applying any kind of latex, enamel or oil based paint, you have to strip or prime in order to get paint that will adhere.
There is a way to paint over poly without stripping.  Zinsser makes a cover stain primer that bonds to a poly surface.  You do have to do this outside or in a well ventilated space but it is easy and quick!
It says you don't need to sand but I always like to sand and scuff up any slick surface so your bonding agent has something to grab on to.  You don't have to go crazy but scuff it up enough so it looks like your surface met sand paper.  :)
Give it a good coat of primer, let it dry and you can be on your way.  
I asked my daughter to send me a picture of the finished chest sitting in her new apartment....  Wouldn't you's covered in "stuff" and not ready for a photo.

I'll show you a picture when I can get one,  but just know you don't have to strip your furniture if you don't want to.

Glad to be back!

Have a good week.