Monday, August 31, 2015

Pretty Little Foot Stool

My friend brought over some things last week that she wants to refinish for her daughter in college.  One of them is a foot stool that goes with a vanity.  If you have a foot stool in your house, you can transform this into something pretty in no time.  Turn your piece upside down and unscrew what is holding the pad down.
Find some fabric with a neat pattern and make sure that you have enough material on the sides to fold over and staple.
Staple evenly and pull tight.  I could have taken off the black batting fabric but you don't have to.
To perk this up, I gave it a couple coats of white paint.  

Attach the top and you are done.
I'll post a picture of this and the vanity together but wanted you to see how easy it is to recover an old foot stool.

Have a great week!