Monday, August 10, 2015

Rust....Not Ruined

If you have a piece of furniture that has rusted.....all is not lost.
We had this great little glass top table that for some reason ended up in the garage, exposed to the elements of SC for 5 years (don't ask why I didn't have this in the attic....I'm still asking myself that).
As we were getting ready to move, we were desperate to unload things we didn't want or need.  I saw my husband walking this out to the trash pickup before the movers came and I was like "wait! We might want that."  My husband laughed at me and said, "Are you serious?  This is a rusted piece of junk and we will never use it".
Steel wool is one of the greatest tools when finishing furniture.  You just have to pay attention to the grade.  Grade 3 is for things that need a strong abrasive.  The wool is course and you should wear gloves and safety glasses when using it.  When waxing furniture, I use 0000 grade which is much smoother and more like a polisher.

Using arm strength, start rubbing out your rust.  In many cases, the iron or steel will return to the original piece - unless the rust has corroded and eaten through it.  You can also add white vinegar to help cut through the rust.  You can use it on your steel wool or wipe it on for a few minutes and then buff it out.

I can't tell you how happy I am that I kept this.  It really went from trash to treasure.

Have a great week!