Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

Have you looked around your home lately and noticed how much "stuff" you have?  Until you move and actually have to move your stuff you may not know how much stuff you actually have.

I moved five years ago and thought I did a good job of getting rid of a lot of my stuff. But, as the next five years rolled along, I continued to buy more and more stuff and put it in more and more places.

Stuff, can overtake your life.  Open your closets and take a look at what fills them.  Look in your attic and your garage.  Even if you are organized....it's still stuff.

I recently moved and did a major downsizing.  I have no choice but to get rid of some stuff, which....at this point, I'd like to call something else. :)

Getting rid of stuff isn't easy.  If you are like me, you think of how much you paid for it or how much you like it or what emotional significance it brings to you.  Or, you think at some point in time, you might want it so you store it away.  We have a problem with buying things; great deals, sale items, designer clothes in weird colors.  Things... turn into stuff.
Overwhelmed and in the midst of trying to figure out what to do with all of my stuff, I came across this book.  A gem actually.  If you are looking around at all of your stuff right now, you might want to get this.  I got so excited about the art of "folding clothes" that I had to send pictures of my drawers to two of my friends!

I've never really thought about folding my clothes before.  I fold them and tuck them into my drawers. The problem, is that I have so many clothes I can't see what's in the drawers.  Welcome to the vertical fold.
This one simple technique has transformed my drawers.  One, you will have more room and two, you can see actually see what is in your drawers. While doing this, I created piles of clothes no longer needed, for good causes. 


Marie Kondo, in her book, says you should consider your clothes...feelings. I know that's out there but work with it.  Are your clothes happy all jammed up, cluttered and stuffed?  More importantly, are you happy with how your clothes look in your closets and drawers? There is a correlation here with our things and our feelings.

Your spaces should give you joy.  Decluttering is a way of bringing joy into your life.

This one drawer inspired me.  I'm on a quest to bring more joy into my life by decluttering.  How about you?