Monday, November 2, 2015

Deciding How To Paint A Piece

I have been looking for a round end table for a long time. I just happened to find one with a marble top.  Bonus!  The marble top is an insert and comes out. It's filled with pinks, taupes, whites and cream.  I know she doesn't look like much now...but that's the beauty of paint.  It transforms pieces.

I started with a couple of soft neutrals and the details at the bottom really started to come out.  They were almost unnoticeable before.  Sooo, should I leave this neutral or add some color? Well, asking that is kind of silly, because you all know I'm going to add some color.
I added some soft colors and will layer the neutral colors back on.  I should have done that from the beginning, but sometimes I just don't know where a piece will take me until I get into it.  
I know you are thinking...hmmmmm right about now....but just wait.

Let's see how this little beauty turns out.  :)   I'll post pics by the end of the week.

Have a great week.