Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inspiration - Where Does It Come From?....French Dresser Part 2

So yesterday we were talking about where to find the inspiration for pieces and projects.  I found my inspiration for the piece I'm working on in a book. You can read yesterday's post Part 1 to start at the beginning.
 This is my inspiration above ......
Yesterday, we painted the piece in the right colors and now we are ready to distress and wax.
Sometimes after you paint, water marks bleed through and you see places that need wood putty or sanding that you didn't see before.  That's ok.  Get out your shellac, give it a good spray and let it dry.  Use wood putty to fill in any holes and sand where the wood needs a little attention.  You will need to paint over these areas. Yeah, a little bummer, but have patience. :)
I distressed the decoration in the center....trying to be careful not to let too much of that green come through.
 Distressed the edges....oh boy, that green is loud but I know the dark wax will minimize that.
 And then began using the clear wax.  See the difference that the wax makes on the wood.

 The clear wax is on and we are ready for the next step - applying dark wax.  Come back tomorrow so you can see how she ends up.

Let me know if you have questions.