Thursday, August 7, 2014


Just like life is an evolving roller coaster, so is decorating.  We all go through decorating phases of what we like and don't like right?  From bright bold walls, to faux walls, back to neutral walls.  Change is good.  Even if you don't like change...moving through change and trying different things brings us to new places; emotionally and spatially.  

I am becoming a greige person.  You know, it is the color between grey and beige.  Look at these great colors from Benjamin Moore.  
A lot of my furniture painting of late includes Annie Sloan Country Grey, French Linen, Old White and Paris Grey.  A great combination to create a greige look.
Greige is a great neutral for fabrics. It mimics linen.

Greige is also great for walls, doors and moldings.

The color on the wall below is Tapestry Beige from Benjamin Moore.  Isn't it pretty?  
The colors are so soft and create a calming effect throughout the home.  

So what do you think?  Do you like greige?  

Happy Thursday!