Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Making Time For Big Projects

My friends often comment on my projects and say that they wish they had time to paint. Some say they don't have time to clean out their closets. Have you looked in your closet lately?  Is it jam packed with more clothes and things than you know what to do with?  Is your closet overwhelming? Sometimes, what keeps us stuck and feeling like we can't move through the day, is the fact that we have too many things in our way and in our life. Clutter is an energy drainer. It sucks the life out of us.

Look at this closet, from PB.  I looked at this the other day and thought it was so beautifully simple.  The closet feels good. There is room to see what you have and room to breathe. You can actually think in this closet.  I know, you are thinking that this closet isn't reality.  But the reality is that you don't need all the things you have. You don't.  How many times did you buy something that you "had" to have....only to wear it once?  Or, you bought something because it was a great sale...but you didn't really need it.  The end result...is too many things.

Many of us put off cleaning out our closets because it is overwhelming.  So grab a friend to help you!  Your friend will help you be honest with what to keep and what not to keep.  Brew a big pot of coffee and start early in the morning.

Take all of your clothes and things stuffed into your closet and pull them all out.  Every last piece.  Vacuum and dust your shelves.  Go through your clothes and put back only what you know you want to keep and only what fits. (Don't keep clothes in your closet that don't fit. They make you feel bad about yourself and they secretly taunt you).  Then, make a pile for things you "aren't sure about" (include your clothes that don't fit) and a pile to give to Goodwill. Put the things you "aren't sure about" in a tupperware bin.  Store them in another place but get them out of the way so you don't look at them every day.  If in a year, you haven't reached into that bin, you can either consign your items or give them away.  When you are done, take your Goodwill items to Goodwill.  Do not let them sit around for days looking like another "thing to do."  Finish strong.  :)

Your closet is an important part of your daily routine.  It is where most of us start the day.  Start your day with an open and clear mind and make room for good things to come your way.  It's a big project but it will have big results.

Happy Tuesday.