Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Dressing Room

I have a friend who told me she was creating a "dressing room" in her home.  I helped her with a couple pieces along the way and was blown away when I saw what she did. With golds, blacks and creams, she took a spare bedroom and created the most beautiful space for herself.
Above is what you see when you first walk into the room.  You can see my blog on how I painted this Little Black Desk on a previous post.  You can also see how I Gold Leafed the mirror.  
On both sides of the room her handyman husband created these awesome open wood closet spaces for clothes and what not.  She isn't fully done with the room but I wanted to capture some of this creativity while I was there.  :)

There is a small bed in the room (she is still working on this) and above the bed are these beautiful framed giant Barbie pictures.  Aren't they great? They totally set the tone for this fabulous room.
The thing I love about this room is that it's a place my friend created for herself.  It's glamorous, romantic and feminine.  It makes you feel good just looking at it.  She had a vision and brought that vision to life.  Beautiful!  

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