Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Favorite Room

Do you have a favorite room in your house?  A room that you walk into and it just feels good? Or maybe you have a favorite corner or chair in your house that you love to sit in?  I think it's important that we all have a space that we can call our own.  A place to read, sit quietly and gather one's thoughts.

This room, although a bit dark due to all of the rain we are having down in SC, is one of my favorites.  The coffee and end tables were my parents when they first started out and the white chairs in the opposite corner belonged to my in-laws.  My children are pictured above an old Italian chest and the sheep skin rug came from my "bestie" Chris when I sent her on an errand to find it in CA (she is still trying to understand it's purpose). It's kind of a true "family room."

My favorite piece in the whole room is the picture above my sofa.  This is a gorgeous water color painting of a scene in Venice, Italy.  My mom is the fabulous artist.  I handed her this little picture one day from a magazine and asked her to paint it.  She took that little image and turned it into a masterpiece. She is truly talented and I will forever treasure this painting.  I took this picture with my phone and it just doesn't do it justice. 

So thankful that I have things from my family and friends that sit in this room.  I guess that is why it's a favorite place to hang out.  It feels like home.  

Hope you have a great Wednesday.