Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Struggling With Wax?

Ok.....let's set the record straight.  Painting should be fun, it should breathe new life into your furniture and it should give you a sense of accomplishment.  For some of you, this is not happening.  By several recent emails, waxing is causing lots of frustration and that is not its intended purpose.  So let me tell don't have to use wax on your chalk paint.  You have other options.  Phew!  It's ok to not use the wax and you might be happier with the end product.

You have to be honest with what you want in your finished product.  You have to make sure you like the finish that wax brings to vintage or restored furniture.  You may think you want a wax finish, but are you really looking for a "poly" finish?  Waxing and chalk paint for the most part are going to show your brush strokes and the wax finish can show strokes as well. Now don't yell at me....because you can get a smooth as glass finish but not everyone has the time to work on their technique and get this down right away. There is a method to all of this madness.  You can check out my Tutorials page if you need a refresher. have to want a waxed look.

If you want to wax and you are hesitant, start with small pieces first to get the hang of it.  You will have smaller top surfaces and can see how the wax should lay on your piece and then buff out.  Once dry, buff it out with 0000 steel wool.  (I do this on all of my finished pieces)  If you like this, then move on to other pieces.  Find a stockist close by and attend a seminar.  See how it works first hand and ask questions.  Or, use the internet to your advantage.  Google your questions!  There is a ton of advice out there.  

Now for those of you that love chalk paint but really want a poly have choices.  

These products are great alternatives and have a much harder finish that needs little to no upkeep.  They are also not heat sensitive like wax. These products are easy to apply, relatively cheap and will give you a gloss finish without question.   Now, they have drawbacks too.  On light colors, they can yellow if they are in the sun.  I have heard Varethane does not yellow, but I have not tried this.  

So if you love chalk paint, but don't like the wax finish - use something else!  This might just make you really really happy with the end result.  You may have wanted a poly finish to begin with.   :)

Hope you have a great day!