Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To Paint Or Not To Paint.....That Is The Question.

What furniture do you paint and what furniture do you keep as is?  The answer to this question really depends on you, your room and how you feel about a piece.  Is the piece a family heirloom or antique that is beautiful as is?  If so, then leave it alone.  You certainly don't want to paint over something that will ruin the value of a piece or upset Aunt Molly who gave it to you if that is a concern.  Is it a piece that you don't use or sits in the garage collecting dust (or in my case mold and mildew)?  Maybe it's a piece that just doesn't fit with your decor or one you are thinking about giving away.  If that is the case - then breathe new life into it and see what a bit of color can do to transform your space and.....give you a piece you can enjoy. But if you don't want to paint a piece or are hesitant to do so, then don't.

Furniture with it's own natural wood and original stains are beautiful as is.  They add warmth to any room.  You don't have to go around painting every piece of furniture you have to breath new life into your house.  You can change pictures, wall colors, rugs and all other accents to make a room feel better and look beautiful.

I pulled some pictures off of Pinterest to show you that you don't have to paint your furniture to have beautiful spaces.  If you aren't sure about a piece, play around with it before you paint over it.

Some furniture looks beautiful just as it was intended.  The options for what you put around a piece of furniture are endless. Look at the table above with the beautiful chairs and bench.  Pretty right?  So, if you don't know if you should paint a piece of furniture or aren't sure, leave it alone for awhile.  Don't let fads or trends make you change a piece of furniture that you are going to regret later.

In the end, it's your house, your room and your space.  It doesn't matter what any designer, friend or book tells you your space should look like.  It's yours and you should love it.

Happy Tuesday.  Thanks for reading.