Monday, September 21, 2015

Painting Wooden Pumpkins and Acorns

One of the things I love about fall, is the endless decorations you can make and create for a festive holiday home/work space.  You just need a little patience and some paint and you can pretty much create anything.
A client of mine gave me some wooden pumpkins and an acorn to paint.  They started out plain and kind of "eh" in the picture below.
I added colors that she uses in her home and brought in different shades for depth.  A little paint transforms these pieces in no time.

Who thought little boring wood pieces could be so cute!  Find your own pieces to paint, or let me paint them for you.  Check out my gallery to see different things I've done.  

Painting makes me happy.  Life is too short to limit possibilities. 

Have a great week!