Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Paint Your Pumpkins Turquoise

Yesterday I showed you how to chalk paint your pumpkins.  Today I want to share pumpkins done in simple acrylic craft paints.  Why have drab pumpkins when you can paint them any color you want? Here are my pumpkins in turquoise!

These were painted with a simple acrylic craft paint.  And.....if you get them in a "high gloss" you don't have to seal them or put any kind of Modge Podge on them.  Paint them and they are ready to go!

 I used turquoise,green and a soft gold metallic Craft Smart paint (high gloss) from Michaels.

 The gold pear (it's really a squash but it looks like a pear :) was sprayed with a simple spray adhesive and then dusted with gold glitter.

Aren't they pretty?

If you don't have chalk paint at home, go get some craft paint and create your own beautiful colored pumpkins.

Happy Tuesday!