Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ceramic Fruits Of Your Labor

Ya know.....you can really paint just about anything today.  My friend found these large ceramic clay fruits at an estate sale (each of them is almost as big as a basketball).  They aren't very attractive, but she has a great eye for finding cast away things knowing that they can become something awesome.  So she gave them to me and said to do something with them that would work in her kitchen.  Hmmm....what do I do with large ugly fruit?  :)

Painting clay and ceramics can be tricky because the paint needs to adhere to the surface.  When in doubt, you should seal the surface with a product like Ceramcoat.

You can see the Ceramcoat on the two fruit on the right.  It seals them and gives your paint something to grab on to.  

With a little paint and your imagination you can take anything and turn it into something fun and whimsical. Who'd have thought these ugly fruit would turn out to be so darn pretty?  

Do you have something that isn't quite working for you as is?  Go get some paint, recreate and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Happy Tuesday.


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