Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life's Little Delays

One of the great many things about living in the south, is that we don't have to worry about snow days.  We don't have to scrape frost off of our windshields in below freezing temperatures or worry about ice on the roads after a rain in the winter. We just hum right along through winter with barely a thought of a winter jacket. Until....the weather randomly hits below 25 degrees. They delayed school for two hours this morning!  I looked up the weather channel to see what was coming.... Were we getting snow? Rain (We live in the "low country" so rain can reek havoc on us)?  Nope.  Just temperatures in the low 20's.  Come on people....right? I'm from Virginia, which is technically the south, but in South Carolina, Virginia is kind of the north. We didn't really blink at 20 degree weather up there much less check to see if schools would be delayed unless there was an imminent calling for snow.

What I have come to understand here, is that the south is not equipped to handle cold weather. The south sips sweet tea in ice chilled glasses throughout the winter. We sit on our porches in February. But, our water heaters are outside....hence, no hot water this morning as the lines are frozen.  The heat pumps work on auxiliary once the temps hit below 30. We don't drain our outside hose bibs for winter (I'm cringing).  I asked about hose bibs and water shut off valves when we moved here and my neighbors laughed at me.  Hence, no hot water, auxiliary heat and a school delay.  The temperature is also delaying a few projects I'm in the middle of.  No worries. They can wait.

I've decided to make some hot tea and use my good china this morning. I've also decided to use my good china throughout the year and not just on holidays or special occasions.

I painted this end table in Annie Sloan Duck Egg, with an Old White wash. I heavily distressed and then sanded the wash for a heavy brushed look and used clear wax.  You can't see it, but the wax buffed up so nicely and is super smooth.

I kind of miss those snow days.  Hello morning delay!


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